Templates for Retail Series Pack



Moving icons created by Freepik - Flaticon Template Series Pack
Indesign File Icon from Flaticon InDesign File *.indd V17.3
Paper size icons created by verry purnomo - Flaticon A3 297×420
Layout icons created by Freepik - Flaticon 5mm Bleed
10mm Margin (safe area)
Layout icons created by Freepik - Flaticon Print or Digital Usage

20 Templates for Retail Pack
2 Template Covers
1 Template Components
Retail Series Full Pack
A3 Poster Advertising Layout

Our design templates have been created by professional designers to help you speed up your design process & help bulid a digital asset library for your business.

Each template for retail is designed with 3 layers to help you get editing quickly and make the design your own:

  1. Background Image
  2. Components Layer
  3. Typography layer

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Disclaimer: The brands & business names in our designs are fictional and do not represent any businesses past, present or future. The photo imagery used in our designs are not sold with the templates, we provide credits to these images in the downloaded files.

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